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Bridge to Nowhere


Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere, c. 1989 (photo courtesy of Chris Gulker)

The Bridge to Nowhere, built 1936, is located in the San Gabriel Mountains (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: Herald-Examiner Collection, Los Angeles Public Library.

additional photos: Geek Hiker, Great Outdoors

additional information: Wikipedia, eHow, Dan’s Hiking Pages, Bungee America, Yelp, Local Hikes


Fourth & Lorena Street Bridge

Fourth & Lorena Street Bridge

Fourth & Lorena Street Bridge c. 1928 (photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library)

The Fourth & Lorena Street Bridge, built 1928, is located in Boyle Heights (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning (HCM report)

additional photos: waltarrrrr

additional information: Bridge Hunter


Colorado Street Bridge (Suicide Bridge)

Colorado Street Bridge

Colorado Street Bridge c. 1939 (photo courtesy of Herald-Examiner Collection)

The Colorado Street Bridge, built 1913, is located in Pasadena (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: National Register of Historic Places.

additional photos: Okarol

additional information: Legends of AmericaWikipedia

Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge

Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge

Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge (photo courtesy of 90042)

The Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge, built 1895, is located in Highland Park (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library & Archives.

additional photos: The City Project

additional information: Primary Resource

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