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Heritage Square

Heritage Square (photo courtesy of Moises Rodriguez)

The Heritage Square Museum contains building as old as 1848, located in Montecito Heights (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: Heritage Square Museum

additional photos: You Are Here

additional information: LA Okay, Heritage Square Museum, Yelp, Heritage Square


Hollywood Forever Cementary

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery c. 1924 (photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library)

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, built 1899, is located in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

additional photos: Los Angeles Public Library

additional information: Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge

Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge

Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge (photo courtesy of 90042)

The Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge, built 1895, is located in Highland Park (Los Angeles), California. (map)

sources: Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library & Archives.

additional photos: The City Project

additional information: Primary Resource

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